Discovery of a strange luminous body on Mars (Image) – Sputnik Arabic


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The Rover, a nuclear-powered vehicle, found a shiny foreign object on the surface of Mars.

The UFO was filmed through a camera belonging to a Kyriosite probe and the body was called "Little Colonsi" (an island in the north of Scotland), according to NASA.

Dr. Susanna Schoenzter, specialist, believes that the object discovered is actually a meteorite, due to its brightness.

"The exterior appearance of the body can be deceptive, so it must be subjected to chemical analysis," he said.

The Crucetti spacecraft is NASA's fourth rover, which landed on Mars on 6 August 2012, after a hard landing, and researchers and the media called it "seven minutes of terror".

In recent years, the vehicle has managed to complete all the main tasks of its mission, finding traces on fresh lakes and rivers of fresh water on Mars and leading many other discoveries.



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