Health DISCUSSION. City of Antwerp leader in number of...

DISCUSSION. City of Antwerp leader in number of infections: m …

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With 85 cases in the past seven days, the city of Antwerp and its districts are undeniably leaders in the number of coronavirus infections. People in their twenties and over-50s in particular contract the virus. Ten new infections also suddenly appeared in the Jewish community.

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“We shouldn’t panic, but it’s a wake-up call. The virus is still there and the effect of our foreign holidays is yet to come, ”warns epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme (Uantwerpen), who calls in one breath to properly monitor the measures.

Since last Saturday, wearing a mouth mask is mandatory in shops, where barely any incidents were recorded.

Are you worried about the number of corona infections in the city of Antwerp? Should more action be taken against people who fail to comply with the measures? Or are stricter rules needed for Antwerp?

Let us know using the form below. On Tuesday we will bundle a number of responses in Gazet van Antwerpen.



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