Diseases that often hit automatic cars, maybe this is the culprit


Having an automatic or automatic transmission car must know the risk of damage that usually occurs. Many automatic car owners neglect maintenance, causing automatic components to break down. Repair costs are not cheap either.

Mustar, an employee of the MStar repair shop in Bekasi who usually handles automatic problems in cars of various brands such as the Isuzu Panther, said that there are several diseases that are usually experienced by automatic cars. Starting from being unable to get into gear, rough gear shifting, aka jerking, to delays.

“So it’s a delay, sometimes waiting for the heat to run, then it kicks into gear. The worst thing is the loss, when it’s put in a gear, it doesn’t want to go forward, doesn’t want to go backwards,” Mustar told detik.com when met at his workshop located on Jl. Inspection of Kalimalang, Gandasari, Cibitung, Bekasi Regency, West Java.

Mustar said, most often it is an automatic transmission problem where the gearshift is rough or jerky. This problem can be fixed by cleaning the components or replacing worn out automatic components.

“If the problem is stuck, it’s usually a possibility that the clutch seal is leaking, if not the body valve that regulates the shift is dirty,” Mustar explained.

Meanwhile, if the automatic transmission is delayed so you have to wait for the heat to start, it’s usually clogged.

“If it’s delayed, sometimes it’s on the strainer, sometimes it tends to get clogged. If it’s clogged, it waits for the heat to get the oil to circulate fully to all the holes, then it’s going to run,” he said.

Meanwhile, if the problem slips or doesn’t want to go into gear, it’s usually due to damage to the seal, clutch plate or even the automatic converter.

To avoid problems with the automatic transmission, Mustar recommends regular automatic transmission maintenance. At the very least, change the automatic oil regularly every 20,000 km. Not only that, automatic oil also needs to be drained every 40,000 km.

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