Disinfectant ingestion cases in Kansas increased 40%

Kansas health officials have deplored a 40% increase in the intake of cleaning products in recent days.

There are more and more cases of sick people after ingesting cleaning products in the United States. Health authorities in Kansas have announced a 40% increase in calls from people who drank the chemicals, reports KSHB. At a press conference on Monday, Dr. Lee Norman, secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment, quoted Dr. Dr. Stephen Thornton, who runs the poison center at the University of Kansas hospital, as saying give his figures. In particular, he said that a “guy over the weekend drank a product after receiving advice from someone.” “We have to send a counter message, it is not a good idea,” he tried to make clear.

If the doctor did not speak directly to President Donald Trump, it is hard not to see a link between these cases and his statement made last week during his press briefing on the coronavirus. “I see the disinfectant knocks him out in a minute, a minute. And is there a way that we can use, by an injection inside or as a cleaning? As you see, it goes in the lungs, it hurts the lungs a lot, so it would be interesting to check that out. We will have to see with the medical doctors, but that sounds interesting to me, ”he said. Faced with the scandal caused by his words, he finally tried to justify himself by saying that this was sarcasm on his part. The manufacturer of the disinfectant Lysol, used by tens of millions of Americans, also had to react by calling on its users not to ingest these products.

The United States, where the mark of one million cases registered was crossed on Tuesday, is the country which recorded the greatest number of deaths of covid-19 with 58.351 deaths.

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