DISKUTHEK: Do we need a women's quota? Entrepreneur vs. politician


In 2019, men still set the tone in business. Only about eight percent of the board members in the 200 companies with the highest turnover are women. Should one change this mismatch? And if so, how can you solve the problem? For Ricarda Lang, law student and national spokesperson for the Green Youth, the answer lies in a binding women's quota for companies. “Warm words, voluntary commitments – they are not enough anymore. But you actually have to work with political demands and also with legal regulations, “said Lang in the DISKUTHEK. For them, a binding quota of women in companies does not mean that women are devalued, but “can participate on an equal footing”. The legislator's quota for women's supervisory boards has shown that a quota system works.

The whole DISKUTHEK episode on the question “Do we need a female quota?” See you on Thursday, October 10 at 17 clock here on stern.de and on www.youtube.com/stern.

Is a female quota discriminating against men and women?

Entrepreneur and Fielmann supervisory board member Marie-Christine Ostermann sees things differently. In the discussion, the opinions of the two women differed widely. For Ostermann, the women's quota is above all an instrument that discriminates against both women and men. “It is discriminatory not only to the woman because she is so devalued, but also to the men. Because they may not get the job then, but the woman is preferred, “argues the entrepreneur in DISKUTHEK. There can be no question of equal rights: “Women quota has indeed nothing to do with equal rights, because one is really always as a quota woman also demoted and stamped. That's just not equality. “

DISKUTHEK broadcast on the women's quota: much dissent and once consensus

At least, there is consensus among the guests that Germany needs more women in leadership positions. Only the means to achieve that are different. Ostermann advocates a change in the structures and more “female role models that motivate them to follow the same path.” Lang believes that role models alone are not enough, and she also sees the need to change structures as a legal quota for women. In her own party that has worked very well in recent years.

More information about the stern DISKUTHEK can be found here.


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