Disney+ ad-free version increases by 38% in the United States, new charges will be implemented from December

Disney+ in the United States announced that it will adjust the monthly fees of various services from December and add advertisements to the current monthly fee plan. The monthly fee for the ad-free service will be US$10.99 (approximately HK$86), a 38% increase over the current monthly fee.

The new fee will go into effect on December 8, and it’s Disney+ adding another $1 in 2021. Among the new prices, the basic monthly fee plan with added ads will be US$7.99 (about HK$63), while the monthly fee for the ad-free service will be US$10.99 (about HK$86), and an annual fee plan will be set at US$109.99 (approximately HK$863). If users want to enjoy ad-free video playback service, they need to upgrade to the ad-free version of the monthly plan. If you want to continue the current fee, you need to use the ad-containing version.

At present, Disney+ only plans to provide an advertising version in the US market, and it is expected to expand to other markets in the future.

Disney said it has 152 million subscribers to its Disney+ streaming service. Disney’s total revenue rose 26 percent to $21.5 billion last quarter, but it was mainly from theme parks and related businesses, while operating profit in the media and entertainment business fell 32 percent.


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