Disney is already working on the production of Deadpool 3

It seems that after several months of much speculation and rumors, Marvel Studios If I continued with the ribbons centered on Deadpool. Well, even though at the moment the plans are unknown of the study with this character, it is important to mention that Ryan Reynolds will reprise its role.

This information arises from a report of Deadline, same in which it details that Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, writers of Bob’s Burger, are in charge of script of the tape.

Similarly, this report mentions that Kevin Feige will be the producer of this. Herself, despite being in its early stages of development, It seems get excited to study for venturing to welcome this character under the cloak of Disney.

In this way, Deadpool 3 would the first production of the Fox characters under the control of Disney, the same ones that they intend to follow maintaining your R rating not to lose the essence that characterized the character’s success.

How do you imagine this version of Deadpool under Disney?

Source: Deadline

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