Disney's reports record the results as they mark the new Star Wars


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Incredibles 2 and Ant-Man and Wasp have increased the results of Disney

Disney is preparing another 'Star Wars' live spin-off, while attracting viewers to a new video streaming site.

The media giant announced plans as it recorded a record financial year, supported by box office hits such as the Incredibles 2 and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

The executives cited the Star Wars series as an example of the new investments they are making in content while the company shifts its focus to online streaming.

The move follows the increase in competition from giants like Netflix.

"We are observing the market, we are seeing interruptions and we are reacting to it, we hope in a timely manner to take advantage of the trends," said CEO Robert Iger.

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Disney achieved record annual results this year, making profits of almost $ 12.6 billion with revenue of $ 59.4 billion.

In the three months until September 29, Disney has grossed $ 14.3 billion in revenue, an increase of 12% year-on-year, while profits increased 33% to $ 2.3 billion.

Its performance was boosted by the study division, whose revenues jumped 50% in the quarter to $ 2.15 billion (£ 1.6 billion).

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Diego Luna will be the star of the new prequel & # 39; Rogue One & # 39;

In addition to its film studios, Disney holdings include cruise ships and theme parks, a TV division that includes ESPN and broadcast networks such as ABC.

Now he is intent on expanding his digital coverage.

The company already has a stake in the general Hulu television streaming site.

This year added ESPN Plus, an online streaming site focused on sports.

The company also plans to launch Disney Plus, a family-oriented site that will present a mix of new shows and films from the company's extensive back catalog at the end of 2019.

Online investments still have to be profitable, but Mr. Iger said he was satisfied with the results obtained so far, especially at ESPN Plus, which now has over 1 million subscribers.

"ESPN Plus's initial growth trajectory is very encouraging and we believe it bodes well for our global strategy …" he said.

Fox-Disney deal

The acquisition of the 21st Century Fox film, television and international film company, announced last year, was partly aimed at expanding the catalog of Disney films and television programs for its digital sites.

Mr Iger said that Disney expects to complete the deal, which will give him a controlling stake in Hulu, before June 2019.

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Mr. Iger said he hopes the purchase will help Disney set up a powerful television studio to provide programs for its "direct-to-consumer" digital products.

For example, the company is planning to offer Fox's National Geographic shows on Disney Plus, as well as offers such as the planned Star Wars live action series, planned as a prequel to Rogue One.

Mr Iger said he also hoped to make Hulu and Disney Plus available internationally.


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