Disney’s surprising MOBA coming to Apple Arcade

The gender of MOBA His fever passed, a time when all companies were trying to get their piece of the pie in this genre. What we couldn’t expect at this point is that Disney was going to launch a game of the style, and that is what happens with Melee Mania, which will come to Apple Arcade this coming December.

Following in the wake of Nintendo and its Pokémon Unite, Disney will try to hook many players to this new proposal, with many of its franchises facing each other in dynamic and fun duels. Mickey Mouse, Maleficent, Buzz Lightyear and many more will be seen in this refreshing game.

Disney joins the MOBA fever late

Defense of the Ancients, also know as DotA, it was a popular mod of Warcraft III that few could imagine the enormous impact it would end up having on the video game industry. A mod that created a genre, MOBA, that reached the next level with League of Legends and was later followed by a large number of titles. Today with League of Legends It resists at a high level Dota 2, but others like SMITE endure by offering different things, something that unfortunately not everyone can say.

There are many companies that tried to stand out in this MOBA fever, with a large number of titles and licenses entering the genre. One of the most recognized was Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard, a title that is still playable, but unfortunately completely abandoned by his company. A real shame as it was a tremendously fun game that brought really fresh ideas and mechanics to the genre.

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