Display of traffic delays in real time and complete tours


Google lead a new predictive feature in Google Maps that tells travelers how busy their journey is by bus, train or subway. The American company announced today that it will release "overcrowding forecasts" in around 200 cities around the world on both Android and iOS starting today. So it could be that Google Maps claims that the journey by bus, train or subway is more likely to stand still – so you might decide to wait for the next empty run. According to the screenshot, everything seems to work according to the principle of crowdsourcing, like in car trips, so other users are an indicator.

Likewise, Google Maps initiates real-time traffic delays for buses in places where real-time information is not yet available directly from local transit operators. Users can now see if their bus is delayed, how long the delay is and how accurate travel times are, based on actual traffic conditions along the route. You'll also see exactly where the delays are on the map, so they know what to expect before getting on your bus.


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