Distance learning not yet possible

The Schillergymnasium in Calbe cannot yet offer real distance learning.

Calbe l After the first lockdown in 2020, a lot has happened digitally in schools. The second break in the new year 2021 was therefore less difficult for teachers and students, says Rolf-Uwe Friederichs, headmaster of the Schillergymnasium in Calbe. The twelfth grades are currently taught in-house. However, the hours have been pulled together, he explains. The students now experience the individual subjects in one piece in order to limit contact with the teachers to a minimum.

The other students are currently being supplied with tasks from the school via the familiar programs. There is no real teaching via digital channels, he admits. The technical possibilities are not available to the house for this. A whole series of parents and, above all, the development association want to support the high school, he continued. Nevertheless, as the school authority, the district administration must create the prerequisites for digital real-time contact with the students. Some high schools in the country already offer this to their students, he confirms.

Consolidate knowledge

Without the possibility of distance learning, however, only a very limited amount of new material can be acquired. Above all, the pupils have to consolidate their knowledge and solve tasks.

In practice, this is not always easy in families because contact with the teacher is only possible via e-mail and the students primarily turn to their parents if they have problems processing the tasks. The school principal admits that not all parental homes have the full technical equipment to regularly print out assignment slips. The other day a student was in the house who had asked to have the assignments printed out for him.

The digital pact should help

According to the information available so far, the students should stay at home until the end of the month and continue to be provided with tasks from a safe distance. But even if the school should start again with regular lessons afterwards, the question of further expansion of digitization will remain topical. The federal government supports the federal states with the digital pact. The district administration is responsible for the digital infrastructure as the school authority. So far, the has provided the high school with a platform to get in touch with the students. Each student receives their own email address when they enter the grammar school. With a few exceptions, the students handle the platform very well, said the school principal. Again and again there are students who have forgotten their password and need help. But that’s not a problem.

Fifth grade students in particular are suffering from the new lockdown, he estimates. You would not have been able to experience all of the high school’s activities in the past few months because they were canceled. So the house renounced the traditional best honor. In addition, all the other events around Christmas time have been canceled. When the house will find its way back to its normal rhythm is still open. That depends on the further development of the pandemic and the associated restrictions on public life, says the school principal and hopes that the pandemic will end soon.

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