Distended after swimming in the sea without a CD, the father is shocked when he sees his son’s ultrasound test, there is a fish-like appearance

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Residents of Albay Island, Philippines were shocked by what happened to Kimberly Robles Besinal.

The 17-year-old girl suddenly had a bloated stomach after often swimming in the sea without wearing panties (CD).

Locals believe in the myth that women should stay away from the sea during their menstrual period up to 5 days after their period.

If you keep forcing yourself to swim during menstruation, especially without underwear, other organisms, including fish, are said to be able to enter the vagina, so they can cause pregnancy.

Suddenly, the community and family accused Kimberley pregnant fish.

Reported by TribunnewsBogor.com from The Sun via Grid.ID, the accusation is based on the myth of the Filipino people, about the dangerous consequences if swimming without underwear.

In addition to myths, the allegations are quite reasonable after an ultrasound was performed on Kimberley’s stomach.

There’s a fish-like thing in Kimberley’s stomach.

Kimberley’s cousin, Amada Robles, said that Kimberley likes to swim in the sea near her house even though she is on her period.

“I always scolded her for doing that especially on the day of her period, but she was so stubborn,” she said.

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