"Distracting the war": Russia signs the signals of the preparation of the United States for a nuclear attack against Russia


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The signs of the beginning of a nuclear war with the United States could be the beginning of hostility with Russia or military exercises, as well as the call of the ambassador and the diplomatic mission, experts say.

A potential sign of nuclear war with the United States will be a certain conflict that the parties will conduct with conventional weapons. Furthermore, the call of the ambassador or the diplomatic mission will serve as a sign that the United States wants to strike the territory of Russia with nuclear weapons.

This was written in his article by the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences for information policy, the doctor in military sciences Konstantin Sivkov. He wrote about this in the publication "Military-Industrial Courier". The expert has listed several signals, among which, first, marks the beginning of hostilities with non-nuclear weapons, which should serve as distractions for Russia. These actions can last up to several months.

"The immediate signal that the attacker is ready to strike could be a call to the ambassador and the staff of the diplomatic mission, there will be other signs of preparation for the war, in particular, the deployment of troops near our borders under the appearance of exercises, the creation of the Navy strike groups in areas where it is possible to hit the territory of Russia ", writes Sivkov in the" Military Industrial Courier ".

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