Distribution of 1,575 New Cases of COVID-19 RI April 30, DKI Jakarta Records 630


Indonesia recorded 1,575 new cases of COVID-19, Sunday (30/4/2023). There are now 13,843 active cases.

DKI Jakarta contributed the highest number of cases with a total of 630. Followed by West Java with a total of 244 cases, then East Java with a total of 224 cases.

Details of the development of the Corona virus, Sunday (30/4):

Positive patients increased by 1,575 to 6,774,721

Recovered patients increased by 819 to 6,599,594

Patients who died increased by 12 to 161,284

It was recorded that 13,905 specimens were examined today throughout Indonesia, while the number of suspects was 1,024.

The following is the distribution of Corona in Indonesia, Sunday (30/4):

DKI Jakarta: 630 cases

West Java: 244 cases

East Java: 224 cases

Central Java: 152 cases

Banten: 113 cases

DI Yogyakarta: 38 cases

Lampung: 28 cases

East Kalimantan: 22 cases

South Kalimantan: 18 cases

Bali: 17 cases

South Sumatra: 16 cases

North Kalimantan: 16 cases

South Sulawesi: 10 cases

East Nusa Tenggara: 8 cases

North Sumatra: 6 cases

West Kalimantan: 5 cases

Central Kalimantan: 5 cases

Southeast Sulawesi: 5 cases

Riau Archipelago: 4 cases

West Papua: 4 cases

Central Sulawesi: 3 cases

Jambi: 2 cases

Bengkulu: 2 cases

Bangka Belitung: 2 cases

North Maluku: 1 case

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