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Just in the key days of the departures of the Italians for the holidays, finally excellent news. Indeed two. The first is that, after the increases in the past few weeks that have made the gasoline price at over 2 euros per liter, the cost of fuel finally drops. In fact, there is now a sharp decline on the entire Italian network.

The second good news is that the Draghi government has included further discounts on excise duties on fuels in the Aid bis decree (find all the info in detail here).

Thanks to the international prices of petroleum products which on Friday closed still down, especially on diesel, last Saturday there were new cuts by companies on recommended prices: where it is more convenient to refuel now?

Petrol, diesel, LPG and methane prices in Italy

In Italy, Eni and Tamoil reduced petrol and diesel by 2 cents, Q8 by 3 cents, IP by 2 cents and LPG by 1.5 cents. Consequently, the prices charged at the pump decrease, also incorporating the substantial reductions decided by the operators last week.

In detail, based on the processing of Quotidiano Energia of the data communicated by the operators to the Mise Price Observatory updated to 7 August, the national average prices charged are as follows:

  • petrol in self mode: 1,833 euros / liter (1,861 the level measured on Friday), with the different brands between 1,818 and 1,854 euros / liter. No logos even drop to 1.829
  • petrol in served mode: 1,977 euros / liter (2,010 the price detected on Friday), with colored plants that charge prices between 1,912 and 2,028 euros / liter (no logo 1,881)
  • diesel in self mode: 1,815 euros / liter, against 1,841, with companies between 1,799 and 1,833 euros / liter. The no logos touch 1,813 euros
  • diesel in served mode: 1,960 euros / liter (against 1,991), with the points of sale of the companies with average prices between 1,896 and 2,013 euros / liter. No logo 1,864
  • Gpl: between € 0.814 to € 0.838 / liter. No logo 0.805
  • Car methane: the price of methane rises instead, ranging between 2.202 and 2.693. No logos reach 2,375.
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Many Italians still do not know that the Ministry of Economic Development has long since created an online portal dedicated to the search for all petrol stations present in the national territory, with relative prices at the pump, to allow citizens to refuel in a more informed way. and above all by saving.

How and where to find the most convenient distributors in one click

The Fuel Prices Observatory portal – View Fuel Prices – has now been completely redesigned in a responsive version, which allows access to all its features even from the phone. Above all, the portal integrates with the Fuel Plant Registry, associating the unique identifier with which the plant was registered in the Registry to each plant in the Price Watchdog.

It is easier for operators to communicate prices thanks to the guided procedure also accessible from mobile devices and a system for notifying any anomalies relating to service areas and systems has been introduced. Instead, users can select their city, all or a specific area, and find the most convenient distributor.

To make the browsing experience for users easier and more immediate, the “Plant Search” functions have been optimized: with a single click you can view all the plants in an area of ​​10 km around your position; thanks to the auto-completion function of the addresses, the search on the path is easier and, finally, it is possible to search for a system both by name and by brand.

To find the cheapest plant closest to you, click here to access the Fuel Price Watcher.

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