District 31: Thomas Delorme back on the show

Starting next week, Thomas Delorme will make a return to the daily life of Luc Dionne, District 31. The son of Sebastien Delorme and of Julie Perreault had already played in the series, in 2019, playing the son of Stéphane Pouliot (Delorme). Now that Investigator Pouliot has died, audiences have been left to wonder why the character’s son’s reaction wasn’t shown. On the other hand, the repercussions on Poupou’s family had been demonstrated by the presence of his wife Judith, played by the actress Genevieve Rochette.

The synopsis for the episode, which will be released on Thursday, February 3, goes as follows: Judith comes to find Patrick at the station to ask him to help her with Olivier, who has been sinking ever since the death of his father. ».

So we can’t wait to see what this story has in store for us. We bet that it will be filled with strong emotions and stress, as Luc Dionne knows how to do so well.

The audience greatly wondered why the reaction of the character’s son was not shown

Let’s talk about Luc Dionne and District 31. Remember that the screenwriter recently announced the end of the popular detective series. It was through a press release that he expressed his decision.

« It is with deep gratitude to the craftsmen of this series that I end this chapter of my professional life. District 31 has been, to date, the greatest challenge of my writing career. What an immense privilege to have been able to meet such a large audience four evenings a week for the past six years! The extraordinary creative freedom that I enjoyed alongside Fabienne and Michel, as well as the unfailing support of Radio-Canada, were essential elements in the great success that we share with the entire team at 31 he said.

« Having submitted myself to this demanding discipline, I know to what extent the writing of a daily drama monopolizes our entire existence. Michel and I are grateful to Luc for having devoted 6 years of his life to it, deploying all his talent and his deep knowledge of police and judicial circles to weave endlessly fascinating intrigues. We are also grateful to all these actors and actresses and to the whole team who brilliantly engaged in this obstacle course, week after week. », added Fabienne Larouche.

« The love story between the public and the universe of District 31 marked an important chapter in Quebec television. She has greatly contributed to makingHERE TV the favorite destination for evening viewers since 2018-2019”, declared the director general of the Television of Radio Canada, Danny Meloul, before adding: “When you consider the size of our market, bringing together nearly two million people every evening around a TV show is a phenomenon. I warmly thank its author, the producers, artists and craftsmen who have put all their heart and talent into this adventure to offer us this daily happiness. And thank you to the faithful public at the rendezvous every week who plunged with us into the challenges of the investigators of District 31 on a daily basis. ».

We greatly wonder how this series, which has quickly become one of the favorites of Quebecers, will end.

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