Divine Bardotka celebrates her 87th birthday! IT’S STILL A DAMN SEXY

Brigitte Bardot (87) entered the world of show business with great pomp, it must be allowed. “Being a good actress is boring … I am rather sexy, “ she said, and it was clear that no one would forget her name!

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The most beautiful French actress of all time paid for a sex symbol in the 50’s and 60’s, she starred, it was a guarantee of a successful film. As the wife of Roger Vadim († 72), she was well on her way to success.

“He was the only man who knew I could offer anything out of the ordinary. My husband and teacher. I went into his hands unconditionally, “ she described in her autobiography the address of her first husband, who was an assistant director. But a happy marriage did not await her. She complained that he just wanted to monetize her and not love her.

Although there was an unprecedented interest in her (she has over 40 pictures), she hung the acting on a nail relatively soon. At the age of 39, she embarked on a journey of help and became a patroness fighting for animal rights. Thanks to her, cattle for slaughter can be killed in France with the help of electric shock. In the end, the charming Brigitte found true love, and after three unsuccessful marriages, she anchored alongside the French right-wing politician Bernard d’Ormale.

Brigitte Bardot – You Want Or You Don’t Want

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