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The players of River Plate and Boca Juniors will meet tomorrow at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium to decide who is the champion of the Copa Libertadores, while in the stands, face to face, there will be two of the most passionate hobbies known in the world. world football.

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The love for colors of fans of both teams sometimes surpasses what many understand as logical. Explains Nicolas Mattera, a member of the executive committee of the Boca Juniors club in Madrid, in an interview with EFE before the historic duel to be held in the capital of Spain. "I know people divorced directly from Boca Juniors, it was" or Boca or me "and ended up being Boca, it's something that can not be stopped, but there are thousands of stories … Now in the peña we receive about 300 or 400 requests a day from people in Argentina and there are some, literally, who have offered us their car in exchange for flight and entry to court, "he says." There are also many people who have left work.

They said they did not lose it, they did not give them the day off and they left, letting them decide what to do with them. And many stories. There are situations of people who have left all their savings to buy the ticket and ask them to let them sleep on the terrace of a house without having a way back, "he says.

Many of those who share this love for Boca Juniors in Madrid have joined him in the club: "We drove because we were alone as dogs, now everything is much easier but when I arrived in Spain 12 or 13 years It was even difficult to see Argentina's World Cup matches, we were three or four crazy guys we were meeting in some Argentine bar. "



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