Djokovic and Federer play for Wimbledon title: attacker against defender


MIn two, three quick, sideways steps, Roger Federer danced to the backhand side of his field, but he did not hit the ball with his backhand, but pulled out, took a short, and pulled his forehand full, heading straight ahead. That's a blow with not insignificant danger potential. On the other hand, if the ball does not land close to the sideline, it gives the opponent a good chance to cross him into the far-flung forehand side of the other. It's a stroke for which you need one thing in addition to fine technology: self-confidence, confidence.

With such a ball forced Roger Federer in the semi-finals on Friday the last mistake of his opponent Rafael Nadal, and it was again one of those moments in which time almost stopped. One that leads directly to the question of whether there has ever been a better mix of lightness, elegance and dynamism in tennis. In addition, the impact with felt two dozen variants, the backhand, variable and punchier than in his time of great dominance more than ten years ago, the sure smash, the feeling of volley – the whole fresh and fine sorted like a box Luxemburgerli, the Swiss archetype the macarons.

Novak Djokovic, against whom Roger Federer will play for his eighth title at Wimbledon this Sunday (3pm / in the FAZ live ticker at Wimbledon and Sky), beats a little harder than the rival, but not so covert and variable His buttercup sometimes reminds a little of Russian roulette. But in addition to many other components, he has above all a stroke in the repertoire, which dominates no one as he – a backhand rescue from the lowest position, almost in the balancing act, the feet twisted in a way and overstretched, that one believes, the groaning and groaning to be able to hear the joints and ligaments.

The light-footed attacker against the incredibly flexible defender, a familiar game, but it's been a long time since the attacker won a Grand Slam tournament. It was at Wimbledon seven years ago, when Federer defeated Djokovic in the semifinals, and his only victory against the Serb in the finals of a Grand Slam tournament was significantly further down, at the US Open in New York in 2007. It is surprising that the pair have played 47 games against each other since the first encounter in April 2006 at the Monte Carlo tournament – more often than Federer and Nadal – but only met four times in a meeting for one of the big four titles. Incidentally, after his first success in Monte Carlo at the time, Federer said that he was just 21 years old, playing well at the baseline, but still has many areas where he can improve. “Absolutely, there is a certain potential.”

In 2015, Djokovic (left) won the final against Federer, just like in 2014

Djokovic is the defending champion. But is not Federer too big for the challenger's role, with all his history at Wimbledon, and most of all, the intriguing form he showed in the semi-final win over Nadal? The big question is whether the Serb will allow the Swiss to appear as dominant again as in the semi-final against his favorite rivals. In the game against the Spaniard Federer was on return and, surprisingly, in longer rallies the better man.

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