DKV LIVE Truck of the Year 2023: the muscular MAN TGX

The truck, which debuted about three years ago, will receive a package of details next year that will adjust even its exterior (video camera instead of conventional rear view mirrors, a sun visor and some smaller accents), but even more important changes are invisible to the naked eye.

The MAN TGX arriving at the “DKV LIVE Truck of the Year 2023” test track has an updated and 10 HP stronger engine. The 12.4-liter, 6-cylinder power unit now has a capacity of 480 hp / 353 kW and a maximum torque of 2,450 Nm.

The geometry of the engine’s combustion chamber has been optimized, it is characterized by a higher compression ratio and reduced exhaust gas recirculation speed. This results in more efficient fuel burning, higher peak temperatures and higher efficiency. In addition, the new engine injection system with high nozzle flow and new fuel injectors for even more precise injection, as well as comprehensive measures to reduce frictional losses in the engine, as well as to reduce losses due to gas exchange, promote the overall efficiency of the engine.

Compared to the first generation tractor, the new TGX with improved aerodynamic cabin design elements, MAN EfficientCruise automatic cruise control system using topographic GPS data, saves about 8 percent. fuel Since diesel consumption in the cargo transportation business accounts for about 30 percent. for all costs, the “appetite” of tractors is one of the most important selection criteria for owners of transport companies.

It is also important that the new MAN engines have a much more efficient exhaust gas neutralization system consisting of improved SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction) and a self-renewing filter system CRT (continuously regenerating trap). This allowed the emission of NOX (nitrogen oxides) to be brought close to zero. CO₂ emission reaches 48.2 g/TKM.

One of the most important changes is the digitization of the tractor. TG series trucks have a completely new architectural electronic system and a range of digital services connected to it. Each car receives exactly the cable set required for individual equipment and applications. This allows for weight reduction, significantly facilitates assembly, maintenance, repair and its cost. In the event of any damage, wire fragments can be separated at certain points, replacing only the problem area, but not the entire braid. In addition, the electronic brain of the truck is now ready to connect any future systems that assist the driver or automate individual processes, including autonomous driving.

TGX is able to send data about its “health” itself to the relevant databases, so when the technical inspection deadline approaches, service technicians can have the necessary parts ready, which significantly reduces downtime. If earlier each car system had its own computer, now everything has been transferred to one modern electronic brain center that controls all processes and allows to significantly improve the interaction of all sensors installed in the truck. In the near future, all software updates will be able to be installed remotely, using the web interface and avoiding visits to the company’s service centers.

Immediately after its debut, the MAN TGX won the International Truck of the Year 2021 (ITOY) competition. the right lane and when driving in traffic jams, not only reduces the pressure on the driver, but also greatly contributes to the safety of other road users.

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