Dmitry Nagiyev only avoided a serious injury through his hair: an ambulance was called

During the performance, the scenery collapsed on stage, which could have resulted in serious injuries, reports

Theater staff called an ambulance urgently, but Nagiyev refused to be examined by paramedics. Despite the smashed knee and abrasions, he continued to play in the play.

“Okay. I limp, but on my chest, “said the actor, adding that there are surprises at work.

Russian actor Dmitry Nagiev long kept silent about the war in Ukraine. It was only recently that he shared a video with bands playing in the background in his Instagram account “Aquarium” a song that contains the words “we fought with ourselves”. This is an excerpt from the song “Pojezd v ogne”.

He did not comment on or publish anything on his social networks, UNIAN informs, but the massacre in Buča probably shocked him so much that the actor still decided not to remain silent and wrote today: “Maybe it will be enough.” True, he did not specify his short message.

A little earlier „Instagram“ In his account, D. Nagiev posted a black-and-white video. In it, he shaves his head, and in the background of the clip, the song “Akvarium” is played, which contains the words “we fought with ourselves”. This is an excerpt from the song “Pojezd v ogne”.

“Bye-bye. We will definitely meet. I love you, even though the hopes were dashed and only a sharp taste remained. As my grandfather said against Communion, “What have I done, old man?”

At the time, many speculated that the TV presenter was leaving Russia. However, Dmitry refuted this myth.

“I respond to those who ask. I’m here! Many say – get out of here, get out! But Dima is at home, ”explained Dagiyev.

Next to the video message, he wrote, “What a fresh phantom pain in this wonderful life.”

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