Do Instagram Stories play silently? It’s a bug

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If you’ve already installed iOS 15 on your iPhone, you’ve probably noticed that Instagram stories have stopped ringing unless you flip the switch that activates the phone’s ringer. Instagram has released an update that fixes this bug.

The truth is that this has been a problem since Apple released the first beta of iOS 15. Instagram muted the audio in the stories if the iPhone ring was silent. This is not how the ringer switch is supposed to work: it only mutes the sounds of text messages, calls, and alarms, not the sounds of apps. After all, just because you have your phone on silent doesn’t mean you don’t want your favorite music to play or the stories of your nemesis making a fool of yourself on Instagram.

It is not clear how widespread the problem was. Some people claim on Reddit that the silent bug has been causing problems on Instagram from iOS 14 . However, it seems that the iOS 15 beta versions were not a limited problem.

Instagram has also fixed another problem, as reported 9to5 Mac, which has to do with the smaller ‘notch’ of the iPhone 13. If you are using the newer iPhone, you may have noticed that the search bar at the top was below the iOS status bar, which made it difficult to search, access your DMs, etc.

You don’t have to do anything special to fix the problem. All you have to do is download the latest update. With that said, this is a good example of why you might prefer wait a bit before updating to the latest software or phone available. Facebook has released a relatively quick fix, but anyone who has been using the beta to developers or the beta iOS public has been dealing with this annoying bug for months. Of course, it’s not a system-breaking bug, and so far iOS 15 has proven to be quite stable. Even so, the first weeks of a new software release are usually loaded with small but annoying bugs like this. And we could only make Instagram post an update that restores the feed chronological…


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