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DThree seasons after doing Robb Stark a Thrones gameRichard Madden thought he already knew what the TV hits were. But when he was released thriller British bodyguardhe rejoiced.

Written by Jed Mercurio ( Line of duty ) bodyguard Starring Madden, who is David Budd, a veteran of the Afghanistan war with post-traumatic stress, whose mission is to protect Interior Minister Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). The minister applies a hard line that Budd hates but has a timid attraction to which he can not resist.

When it was released in the UK at the end of August, the figures were spectacular: according to the BBC, 41 million viewers saw the six episodes of bodyguard, which has become the most popular series ever since Downton Abbey. In October, when bodyguard He went to Netflix, where he is still able to see, has won many more fans all over the world, and then was nominated for the Golden Globes category in the best drama series, while Madden was nominated for Best Actor.

The series also consolidated Scottish Madden, 32, as the lead actor and made him the best candidate to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. Interpret it as you wish, but they say he likes martinis with vodka … Anyway, if Madden knows something, he's as silent as a dead man. In a telephone interview from Los Angeles, he talks about the alchemy of bodyguard and to keep calm under the glare of the paparazzi. Here are some fragments of the conversation.

What dimensions of the screen! Do you have the secret of the magic formula?

I hope he has it, because he could do it again on all the cards he did [riu]. It has something to do with that gray area in which we all live, that moral ambiguity. Sometimes, things are very clear and you know who is the bad guy and who is the good guy. But, in this case, the lines between good and evil are widespread and play with public perception.

Also, there is the erotic tension between Budd and his boss, a very powerful woman. I think the plot is not incredible.

No. In fact, we worked closely with many men who found themselves in this situation – protecting foreign dignitaries and members of Parliament and royalty – and told us, without mentioning the names, that such links were created and that the borders are deleted. Because with that person you live all day and you see him more often than your family and, moreover, with it you go through extreme situations. That's why this kind of privacy is born.

Why were the shots so exhausting?

They were weeks of six weeks and we ran about 14 hours a day. Also, the camera was always on my character. He had to wear a bulletproof vest all day, which is very inconvenient. But in the end everything revolved around the situation of a person struggling with mental health problems while trying to push their lives forward.

I'm sure there will be a second season.

Not yet officially announced. Jed and I want to work together again and we are evaluating different ideas about what can be done. Keep in mind that, after coming out on TV with a pump jacket tied to the body from central London, the character will be quite famous. I do not know what effect this will have in his future career.

Next spring will sing and dance the film "Rocketman", with Taron Egerton, who will make Elton John, and for you as John Reid, his former representative and partner. It seems, therefore, that it will be a sex symbol of another kind.

I do not know [riu]. Did you see how I got to the movie? I wear very long hair, very seventy, with a lot of volume and huge crests. And he was dyed in an intense black, just like his eyebrows, and it was not so nice to go to the world. It seemed as though my eyebrows had been glued to me with a felt-tip pen.

Let's talk about the game & # 39; Thrones & # 39 ;. Did your colleagues tell you about the end of the series?

I do not know how it will end, and I would not let them explain it to me. Nor do they want to explain to me, but I do not allow them to talk about this subject because I do not want to ruin the surprise effect. This is the positive thing about not participating in the series. I can pass the sea observing myself as a spectator without having to read the script and without knowing what will happen. Also, I think they've shot a lot of different endings, so maybe they do not even know how it's done.

Now let's talk about the topic that was recently avoided: the agent 007.

[Riu per sota el nas.] There are so many people interested in this character and the actor who, according to them, should interpret it, which makes me feel so much that I am publicly proposed for the role. But no, there was no conversation about it. All is speculation.

Would you like to play the role of James Bond?

Look, we'll see what happens in the future. Yes, I think we'll talk about it when the time comes.

Is it true that you have a local alarm system that alerts you when there are paparazzi hidden in the trees?

Yes, in my way there is a small group of WhatsApp just for the theme of photographers who are hidden away from home. My neighbors take a picture of a car and tell me, "Hey, there's not one there". They are very kind [riu].

The success of & # 39; Bodyguard & # 39; did you take further steps to monitor your privacy?

Obviously, what I will not do will go to the super-pajamas on the weekends. Nor is it something I could ever do.

Do you feel like you've finally come to fruition?

bodyguard It was very nice for me because I play a character with two children and I notice the change between the role of son and father, both from the point of view of age and responsibility. I am thrilled to enter the stage when you are already an adult.



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