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Only timely detection and treatment of HIV can save lives. December 1 – World AIDS Day.
Every day, two people in Buriazia learn of their HIV status, over eight thousand people are infected. It is impossible to determine the presence of HIV infection by external signs. For a long time (10 to 15 years) a person can feel good, have a healthy appearance and not even suspect that he is ill. However, the virus in his blood is already there, and can infect others. Therefore, it is very important to perform a test of HIV every year, because there is no cure today that can overcome HIV infection, but with early diagnosis, a proper treatment and timely, a person with HIV infection can live a full life.

In the sad ten

The period of maximum splendor, so to speak, of HIV infection in Buryatia occurred in the early 2000s. Then more than six hundred patients were registered.

In 2001, Buryatia was in second place in the Siberian federal district in terms of impact. Today, our republic is in 9th place in terms of morbidity in 12 regions of the Siberian federal district. All regions are involved in the epidemic process in the republic. Above the average national incidence of HIV infection in Zaigrayevsky, Selenginsky, Kabansky, Kurumkansky, Tarbagataysky areas.

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<p>	 However, unprotected sex is the main cause of infection – 89.8%, 9.2% has been infected through the use of injecting drugs. New cases of HIV infection are mainly recorded in the age group between 30 and 39 years – 41%, 40-49 years – 24.7%, 20-29 years – 17.7%.
<p>	 In recent years there has been an increase in new cases of disease in older age groups associated with sexual transmission.
<p>	 The best vaccine against HIV is information. Informed person protected by knowledge. By the way, the incidence among young people in our country falls only because many information resources are available to young people and are much more available than the older generation to use condoms, the most effective means to prevent HIV infection.
<h2 style= Mum with HIV can give birth to a healthy baby

It is important to know that a woman with HIV is more likely to have a healthy baby. The main thing is timely treatment. If you follow all the instructions prescribed by a doctor, the risk of giving birth to a sick child is reduced to only 2%. However, if the expectant mother interrupts the course of treatment for some reason, the risk increases to 28%.

– Nature protects the unborn child very carefully. Being in the womb, it is tightly protected by the placenta, so the infection is not so easy to reach the little man, say the doctors of the AIDS center, so very often the infection occurs during childbirth when the child comes into contact with the mother's blood.

However, if there is a very high risk of infection during delivery, doctors can use a bloodless Caesarean section. The Buryat specialists have learned the new method of operation, whose name speaks for itself. If there are no indications for surgery, the mother is allowed to give birth naturally.

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<p>	 By the way, all pregnant women are tested for HIV. But doctors are familiar with cases where an asocial woman is taken to hospital, for example, an alcoholic who discovers his or her situation literally during labor. Subsequently it is subjected to a rapid test and, in case of positive result, to emergency chemotherapy.
<p>	 Regarding the treatment method, in the last ten years it has undergone important changes. Previously used the so-called monotherapy, ie used a medicine. But the bacteria quickly learned to adapt to the drug, and became inactive. Now it applies triterapy, that is a series of drugs that do not allow the virus to develop.
<p>	 "A panacea for AIDS is not invented, but if a patient constantly takes medicine, his living conditions could be the same as those of a healthy person", the doctors point out.
<p>	 A total of 1637 children were born to HIV-infected mothers in Buryatia from the registration of the first case of HIV infection, of which 77 cases caused HIV infection, in 9 months of 2018 children born to HIV-infected mothers – 127, of which HIV the infection was carried out in three cases.
<h2 style= They did not give up

The work of the employees of the AIDS Center is very different from what their medical colleagues do. In a normal clinic, the patient has healed, for example, from the flu and goes away. Here, doctors and patients become almost a family, because they will have to communicate throughout the life of the person. Sometimes it happens that people who learn to be seropositive ask doctors to tell their relatives.

"It is difficult for a person to find words, it is difficult to morally inform themselves about the results of the tests, and we can transmit information competently, explain all the nuances to the patients' relatives and, if necessary, provide psychological assistance", says the AIDS center.

Sometimes patients have the desire to communicate with those who have coexisted with this diagnosis for a long time, and therefore the patient organization of PLHIV – people living with HIV – comes to the rescue. Community activists who have received special training will be able to provide assistance and support to people by consulting the "peer-to-peer" principle.

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<p>	 – One thing is when a doctor says it's all different when a person with the same diagnosis. The PLHIV does a great job with their work, doctors say.
<p>	 Spouses Valery Taranenko and Olga Medvedeva are regional representatives of the all-Russian company of PLWH in Buryatia. They are working closely with the AIDS center and have long since passed the stage of fear and alienation, now they have opened their faces, live a full life and help those who have been infected by HIV. Husband and wife have appeared repeatedly on the media several years ago and the author of the article spoke with the heroes. Then they said that they have already known as HIV-positive. Then Olga admitted that the disease had become a punishment for her irresponsible lifestyle. Although the woman in conversation pointed out that the word "disease" is not very correct to use in relation to people living with HIV, they are not sick but infected. Unfortunately, the spouses could not come to the second interview because of the bad health of Valery. There were no more people willing to "open their faces" in Buryatia. So the author of the article was recorded on one of the sites where HIV + people from different cities of Russia were communicated, and asked to tell about his life. We publish these stories in the first person.
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"I'm not alone"

"My name is Oksana, I am HIV + I learned of my diagnosis two months ago, and what I experienced during this period is difficult to describe in words.

The first two weeks were a shock. Forward – depression. For me, the whole world has overturned in a moment, it has become gray and alien. I did not see a way out of the accident. When I returned to my senses a little, I realized that now it depends only on me how my next life will be. Started looking for information related to this disease. God has listened to me

I'm so not only. I met interesting people who have the same problem. It turns out that there are groups in which it is possible to learn in detail how to deal with HIV. I was greeted by very friendly and cheerful people who were immediately connected to my problem. They explained in detail what kind of illness it is, how to live and fight it, where and how I can be tested and how important it is to me. I was afraid to tell my relatives of my diagnosis, I brought this burden, and here, on a group, I can talk freely, openly about my problem and, if necessary, get the help of a professional psychotherapist.

Now I know that there are people nearby who, at any difficult moment for me, will extend a hand, and I will gladly share the moments of joy of each of them.

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<p>	 I started living! "
<h2 style= "I love life"

"My name is Elena, I think my story is similar to hundreds of others … Throughout my adult life, I had a crazy fear of two diseases: HIV and tuberculosis, and when the diagnosis of HIV sounded first, and then the tuberculosis of the lymph nodes, I thought I would go crazy.
It all started with a regular visit to the doctor, the lymph nodes became inflamed. The doctor advised to take a test of HIV for any eventuality.

I was sure that everything was fine for me, but still a worm of doubt nibbled by the inside. I started worrying when there were no test results for a long time. When I was told, I was just numb, shocked, hysterical. Life is over – the only thought that was then in my head.

So there was life, I live alone for four years, I have a daughter. Daughter – this is the subject that did not allow me to do something stupid.

Now a new life has begun. HIV has divided life into "before" and "after". To say that I'm used to relate to my state quietly until I can. First of all, very little time has passed, I constantly think where it comes from. Although, to be honest, we ourselves are responsible for all our problems, except in cases of transfusion and rape. Therefore, in addition to himself, there is no one to blame for what happened. For any negligence, inattention sooner or later must pay.

Secondly, it is hard to live with it when there is no one around who can love and accept you for who you are. For people like me, this is particularly important and necessary. But the most important thing is that I have decided for myself that HIV is not a reason to cross your arms and wait for the end. As the saying goes, this does not kill us, it makes us stronger!

There are a million reasons to live! At this moment I have realized how much I love life. "

The author thanks for the help in the preparation of the material. Republican Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS.

HIV is transmitted in three ways:

1) Through unprotected sex.
2) Through the blood.
3) From mother to child.


REMEMBER SIMPLE PROTECTION REGULATIONS and take a test of HIV every year! The analysis is free and confidential. You can discover your HIV status in any clinic by residence or at the AIDS Center at: ul. Tsivilev 41 (elevator), fasting blood sample from 08.00 to 14.00 Monday to Friday.

The total number of HIV-infected persons registered in Russia is 1,306,109 (the prevalence rate is 894.0 per 100,000 inhabitants). In all the years of the Siberian Federal District, from 01.11.2018 252.888 people with HIV infection were detected (1308.4 per 100 thousand inhabitants).

In the Republic of Buryatia for every year since 20/11/2018, there were 8,508 cases of HIV (the prevalence rate is 855.7 per 100 thousand inhabitants). In 2018, 531 (in 2017 – 526) a new case of HIV infection was detected.



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