Do not be fooled by colors


I have often seen images of artists, stars or celebrities all over the world and rarely see them without makeup or beauty.

But all women should feel beautiful and confident, especially on the night of marriage, according to the British newspaper "Mirror".

The makeup and beauty artist Arbor Bitek specializes in a dramatic theatrical appearance and reflects the image of girls who marry before and after the simple and amazing real makeup, and certainly the "huge" difference that beauty and makeup can bring.

On the night of the wedding, people usually look at the clothes, the bride's dress and the hairstyle as the most important part of that night, but perhaps the role of makeup is the biggest in making the "terrible" "difference as in the images before and after the artist Bitek.

While some prefer to be close to themselves without adding aesthetic touches to their true image, others tend to "hit" and make a big difference to his face and his image without being engaged in embellishment can ruin his appearance for always, as in some cases that publish means Stories of the Western media.

The artist of the bettico trick believes that the night of the wedding or the big night requires a complete transformation in the bride, to appear already "incredibly".

Bettek has completed more than 100 make-up for the wedding, and posting their photos before and after the make-up was the amazing result.

When he meets his "rabbana", the first question he asks is: "What kind of occasion would you like to look for?"

Then ask them if they have specific needs before starting the cosmetic and makeup process and if they want a natural or dramatic appearance.

The third question he asks his clients is the request to see the "wedding dress", as the dress and the details will reflect the nature of the makeup that will work to give the dramatic image of the bride.

Finally, the make-up artist begins by analyzing the characteristics of the bride's face, jewelry or ornaments that the bride will insert and then start working hard.

There is no doubt that the result will be as surprising as pictures attached before and after.



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