Do not expect the Dodgers to change their formula after the World Series defeat


LOS ANGELES – Two fundamental fundamentals of the analytical philosophy of Los Angeles Dodgers have been assessed very jealously because the Californian team suffered a second consecutive loss in the World Series. However, the style of Farhan Zaidi, who has just finished his fourth season as general manager of the team, has been validated by the team he had just won.

One of these keys to the game is the strong dependence of the Dodgers in dividing play time between two players in the same position; which, given the value of daily appearances at the plate, could lead to inconsistency in the offensive.

"The most precious of the World Series was a player who made some changes at some moments and a shared position with another quest," said Zaidi, referring to Boston's first Red Sox player, Steve Pearce, who he hit the target. .

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The other aspect was their reluctance to invest in anti-bullpen launchers other than door closers, which left the Dodgers in the hands of usual bad moods in highly compromising situations.

& # 39; & # 39; Evaluating the World Series, in particular the Red Sox bullpen … when they did not launch the appetizers, were Matt Barnes, Joe Kelly and Ryan Brasier, & # 39; & # 39; Zaidi said. "It was not a group of pitchers who threw the house out the window."

Zaidi and Andrew Friedman, president of the Dodgers baseball operations, expressed their disappointment at not being able to get the first World Series championship for the franchise in 30 years. But they were emphatic in rejecting the story that indicated that losing the final round was a sign of internal failure.

When Zaidi was asked about the part of responsibility that management should take, Zaidi began his answer by saying, "He would accept your idea that there are flaws to be taken."

So, Friedman was asked if another loss in the World Series was a failure of the players or the system. He did not answer with the same courtesy.

& # 39; & # 39; Well, it works in the regular season, it works in (divisional series), it works in (Championship Series) and then it does not work in the World Series … Yeah, what a great question & # 39 ;, said Friedman, in hoax. & # 39; & # 39; I do not know how to answer. Really, I do not know. I do not know how there is anything that works in the regular season, in the Divisional Series and in the Championship Series and then it does not work in the World Series. "

Clayton Kershaw made a similar comment when, a few moments after the end of his season, he was asked what the Dodgers could change to overcome that final obstacle.

& # 39; & # 39; Maybe it's not a personal problem ", the pitcher said. & # 39; & # 39; It could be a problem & play better & # 39; & # 39; & # 39 ;.

The Dodgers may seem different next year, but this does not mean a change of philosophy.

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Perhaps they try to get the services of Bryce Harper, a minimum chance only for her 26 years and because the Dodgers are again under the threshold of the luxury tax. In any case, they will continue to use their unparalleled depth in terms of position players to create games tailored to their rivals, which means they will continue to position extremely different alignments, depending on whether the rival starter throws right or left foot.

There is a thesis which indicates that doing so many variations leads to a fluctuating offensive because there are too many players out of the way. The Dodgers do not consider it a problem.

In addition, the Dodgers will not provide significant amounts for the launch of the brackets, regardless of the problems their bullpen has had. The Colorado Rockies did just that during the previous offseason, charging $ 106 million to Wade Davis, Bryan Shaw and Jake McGee. But Davis (4.13 ERA), Shaw (5.93 ERA) and McGee (ERA of 6.49) encountered difficulties, reaffirming what has become a dogma in Dodger's management.

"We evaluate antidiabetic agents and the registry is not very good," Friedman said. "That's why we will not do it just to win the titles of that day."

The Dodgers have consented to an extension for three years with Kershaw, they have renewed the infielder of the corners David Freese, which hits right; and has extended qualified offers to start the Hyun-Jin Ryu launcher and the Yasmani Grandal receiver. Soon, Roberts and all his coaches (with the exception of the third base coach Chris Woodward, who will now be the manager of the Texas Rangers) will have new contracts.

Friedman and Zaidi could easily rest for the rest of this offseason and introduce a super motorized team next year.

Justin Turner (third base), Corey Seager (interbase), Chris Taylor (second base), Max Muncy (first base) and Grandal (if he accepts the $ 17.9 million qualified bid) would make the table. Joc Pederson (left), Cody Bellinger (center field) and Yasiel Puig (right) would do the same in the prairies. Freese, Austin Barnes, Enrique Hernandez, Matt Kemp and Alex Verdugo also intervene.

In addition to Kershaw, the Dodgers have six starters to their credit, including Hill, Walker Buehler, Alex Wood, Kenta Maeda, Ross Stripling and Julio Uriah. In addition to Kenley Jansen closer, they have two reliable rights (Pedro Báez and Dylan Floro) and a pair of dependable lefties (Scott Alexander and Caleb Ferguson) in their bullpen. The Dodgers will continue to experiment and make some changes, perhaps something a little stronger, even if their defeat of the World Series will not lead them to clean the blackboard dramatically.

"We felt we had a very talented roster," Friedman said. "We heard that the Red Sox also had a very talented roster, and just because something ended up in a certain way in a series of five games (in which, unfortunately, you only have one chance), it does not mean that if we played another series in seven games, the conclusion would have been the same, but unfortunately we do not have that other opportunity, but it helps us to think about how to do things, looking forward. "



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