"Do not poison the child!": Sobchak deliberately nourishes his son with cucumber with nitrates – the social network


Plato Vitorgan is only 2 years old. Xenia's baby is eating away from healthy foods with nitrates, noticed on the net.

Television host Ksenia Sobchak and actor Maxim Vitorgan became parents almost 2 years ago. During this period, Sobchak changed his life against all odds and took the family. Son Plato is growing in strict education, only the nutrition of the child leaves much to be desired, noted on the net.

The fact is that Ksenia Sobchak sometimes publishes her son's personal life on Instagram. The netizens have noticed that the plan eats sausages, sausages and cucumbers, which in any case can not come from the bed at home. It is no secret that artificially grown cucumbers in mid-November have many nitrates and are difficult to remove from human kidneys.

Subscribe Sobchak sure that she deliberately feeds her son with cucumber with nitrates. After all, she is far from being a stupid person, and she herself sat on proper nutrition for a long time. What can I say that Maxim allows his wife to feed her son with sausages, in which there is nothing real – "a bunch of tinctures, sodium nitrite and shellfish preservative E".

"Do not poison the child!", "Eat it yourself and you gave the baby", "you really do not know what happens from that food", "allergies due to nitrates will be for life", season "," poor boy, to they do not care at all "," Xenia, cucumbers in November – only if you grow them on the balcony ", users of the network write on Instagram.

Ksenia Sobchak always looked at what he was eating, but did not intend to change his son's menu. Subscribers are outraged, because they threaten not only gastritis and diarrhea, but also the most serious diseases.



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