“Do not rush into the national installation of Rodríguez Larreta” «La Capital de Mar del Plata newspaper

The brand new vice president of the Porteño PRO, Claudio Romero, warned that there is no need to “rush” in the national political installation of the head of the city government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, for 2023, and evaluated that the force must consolidate as a party “Modern and dynamic” without “denying” traditional party structures.

In an interview with Télam, Romero deemed it necessary “to always have a broad vision”, in the face of a future electoral alliance, but without “denying the central element for the transformation of democracy, which is the individual political parties as a basis for support.”

“We are the party that won the most elections, but we did not reach the number of affiliates either to radicalism or to Peronism, that is something that does not agree with the political reality,” the president of the Commission of Budget of the Buenos Aires Legislature and remarked: “To have a strong electoral alliance, what you have to have are parties constituted with strong figures.”

– Finally, this Thursday the new pro-Buenos Aires party authorities became official. What do you think will be the imprint of the new Council?

– The constitution of the new Board of Directors combines people who were linked to the party, with people who never had a party role. Interlacing people with more party experience, with those who do not have much experience, but a lot of vocation and will to work, will give us a dynamism to restructure, modernize and to do militant work for the future.

– Have you specifically wanted to incorporate referents without a partisan role until now?

– It was a political decision. People vote for us in a way, as a political space, but we have not transpired it in recent years to party development. We have an adhesion with the electorate as a space, which we have not consolidated as a party. So the idea is to consolidate the PRO as a party. And in that sense, the second thing we consider is the launch of a great affiliation campaign.

– Go out to find affiliates in the City in the middle of the pandemic?

– Exactly, within what the pandemic allows us. We are the party that won the most elections, but we did not reach the number of affiliates neither radicalism nor Peronism, it is something that does not agree with political reality. For this reason, we are going to ask any person who is ideologically linked to us to join us with the affiliation. Seduce her to share the party experience with us.

– And how do you think they will fare in this new stage knowing that the party is part of an alliance together with the Civic Coalition and the UCR?

– It is important to always have a broad vision. Expanding ourselves more and more, expanding our bandwidth in the electoral alliance. But to have a strong electoral alliance, what you have to have are parties constituted with strong figures. It is part of the scaffolding of the construction of a new or future electoral alliance and the PRO is the foundation of it.

In this coalition some of us have a responsibility that is partisan. A coalition is formed with parties, it is not necessary to deny the central element of transformation of democracy are the individual political parties, as a basis of support.

There are games that for my taste have remained in the last century. And we, who are a space with ideas and with a 21st century management, what we need to put together is a 21st century party. A modern and dynamic party.

– Will the party work on the preparation of candidates to succeed Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in 2023 in the Buenos Aires government?

– Not today, because it is not a stage that we have proposed at this time. At this moment the first instance is to increase our affiliations, to be able to retain our supporters through them, and to give them a new management model that is more group than individual.

– What do you think of Rodríguez Larreta’s national project?

– I have no doubt that he is the most prepared person in this country to take on such a responsibility because he has an excellent management system, because he has demonstrated it in all the places that he has been assigned and the roles that he has had to occupy. But I don’t know if this is the moment.

2023 is a very early date that reveals more to the media. At least, not our space, we have a responsibility. We have been in office for just eleven months in the City, knowing Horacio a little, I imagine that his main concern will be to manage the City of Buenos Aires in the best possible way. By 2023 there is a long way to go, it seems to me that we cannot rush.

– As president of the Budget Commission in the Buenos Aires Legislature, what analysis did you make regarding the changes in the coparticipating funds that the City received?

– We are waiting for a definition of the presentation that was made before the National Supreme Court of Justice.

– Is the presentation of the 2021 Budget project going to be delayed in the Legislature then?

– As long as we do not have an answer, it is very difficult to prepare the 2021 budget because it would be risky if it is not known what type of income we have. We did not decide to generate anxiety. It was not our decision, but the national government’s.

They want to show the inefficiency with which the Buenos Aires are to blame, so it seems to me that it is very difficult to work in this way for a country to be successful.

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