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Do not trust, coronavirus can also give young people: López-Gatell

The doctor Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, warned that coronavirus disease can also give young people and not just older adults.

Through a video published on his twitter account, the official pointed out that although it is true that people over 60 years, pregnant women or people with chronic diseases are more likely to get complicatedCOVID-19 can also affect young people who they are not aware of suffering any impairment long-lasting.

The specialist noted that COVID-19 can cause young people to discover that they have a chronic disease: “In Mexico we have the highest frequency of diabetes in the world or one of the highest. This could lead to young people having, for example, mom or dad or aunts, who have diabetes and they are more likely to have diabetes, even when they don’t know it, and sometimes these types of serious infections are the ones that lead us to discover that we have diabetes, but it could be when it’s too late because it’s complicated. ”, López-Gatell exemplified.

The undersecretary encouraged the youth community to attend to the recommended measureswhich are the basic hygiene actions, social distancing and the one López-Gatell has constantly repeated: stay home. The official warned:

The Ministry of Health (Ssa) reported that, at the last cut of this Wednesday, April 8, there are in Mexico 3,181 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 174 deceased people. In addition, the state agency presented an estimate of total cases, in which, through statistical methods, it was determined that they would be 26,519 cases nationwideThat is to say, eight times more than those that have been confirmed.

Said calculation was determined through the “Sentinel surveillance”, a method used during the H1N1 influenza crisis. “It is a scientifically proven method of efficient surveillance. The system has been refined to recognize how the coronavirus epidemic behaves in the country“Emphasized the undersecretary.

Through his Twitter account, Hugo López-Gatell explained: “Of each 10 people that do not belong to risk groups, 8 will recover from # COVID-19 without sequelae in 14 days at home. By avoiding going to hospitals and having transmission there, they will not be registered but we know they exist by the method epidemiological surveillance scientist. ”

The man who has become the face in front of the pandemic pointed out, in recent days, that this time “There’s no vacations”, since there is a official provision requesting the population to remain in their homes to prevent the spread of the disease. “There is no vacation, because there is a general provision that all activities in the public and private sectors are temporarily suspended”López-Gatell sentenced at the daily conference to publicize the situation of COVID-19 in Mexico.

The official said that, until now, is satisfied with the response society has had to measures to reduce the COVID-119 contagion curve in Mexico. “Satisfied with the social, public, scientific and private response“Although,” he said, “it is still early to know the evidence demonstrating the effect of the closure of schools and jobs with respect to transmission,” the official stressed.


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