Do they remove the fences from La Bombonera? “We want”

Jorge Amor Ameal, president of Xeneize, acknowledged that after removing acrylics, the possibility of removing the wires behind the arches is under evaluation.

The modifications of La Bombonera since Jorge Amor Ameal He assumed the presidency of Boca included painting, new popular sectors and the removal of acrylics, a measure that was approved by the majority of the fans and that could have a new phase in the coming months: “We want to remove the wires from behind the arches ”, recognized the leader in Super football.

In the middle of an interview in which the topic reinforcements, the financial situation of the club and even the possibility that Lukas Podolski arrives, Ameal joked: “They don’t have a picture of La Bombonera without glasses? Because they are showing La bombonera viejo ”. It was then when they asked him about the possibility of moving forward with the wires and, beyond being one of the priorities, he recognized that the plan is in the pipeline: “We are excited and want to see if we can get them out in the future.”

“Here I want to make a parenthesis, and that is that the city government was very good. When we started with the issue of removing the glasses, everything was unknown, because if things had gone wrong, they would surely have asked us and them. They supported us and told us to go forward, “added President Xeneize.

For now, it was confirmed that, after the quarantine, the seats of the Platea L will be changed and replaced by darker blue ones, similar to those of the third tray, which faces the tracks.


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