Do this so that Aglonema Suksom turns red, one of which is routinely prying the planting media – One type of aglonema that is in great demand, is aglonema suksom. This ornamental plant is unique in the color of its leaves.

Most leaf color aglonema suksom is red. Even if there is a green color, usually only a little on the edges of the leaves.

To make aglonema suksom It has a fiery red color, of course, care steps are needed in order to get maximum results.

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But don’t worry, the treatment steps taken to make the red color appear aglonema suksom can be fiery red, very easy. It can even be done by anyone, including beginners.

Quoted from Fahrul Fahrul’s YouTube channel which was uploaded on August 2, 2021, here are some things to pay attention to for color: aglonema suksom dominant bright red.

The first thing is the use of growing media on aglonema suksom this is not only lush but also lush.

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In addition, always keep the humidity growing media this aglonema, and make sure it is not too wet so that the roots do not rot easily.

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