Do you choose an operator and a tariff for a child? It is good to focus on these parameters

“If you want to assess the available offers diligently, set aside enough time for this activity, as there are several dozen operators in the telecommunications market and each of them has several different products in its portfolio,” says Eduarda Hekšová, director of the consumer organization dTest.

The parameters for selecting an operator for a child are very similar to the classic ones. First of all, it is necessary to clarify how strong a bond the child will have with the operator. It is an anonymity and a time commitment, when it is possible to decide between a contract for a definite period and an indefinite period.

Another factor is according to the dTest tariffing. This is the way in which the operator charges the call made after the first minute called – whether in seconds (60 + 1), half minutes (60 + 30) or minutes (60 + 60).

When choosing a tariff, it is good to focus not only on classic criteria, such as the volume of data collection or calls to your own network for free, but also on a range of functions that allow parents to set up and control.

For example, parents can prohibit calls to expensive or foreign numbers, block multimedia messages and premium SMS. For children’s tariffs, according to dTest, it should be possible to set a limit for calling and drawing data.

“For an overview of the services used by the child, we recommend setting up a self-service, which displays not only the current expenditure, but also the password for any changes to the settings. This should logically forbid the child user,” explains Hekšová.

Three basic variants of commitment:

A prepaid card

This is a popular solution especially for smaller children who are just learning to use the phone. It has its disadvantages in the form of recharging the credit and the impossibility of the call when it is used up, on the other hand, this way prevents high phone bills and complicated blocking of the number with the operator in case of loss or theft of the mobile phone.

Contractual tariff with flat rate

It is used for older children with a greater need for calling and written communication. It is recommended to pay attention to setting the monthly limit for calls and data collection.

Family tariff

Probably the most convenient option, where you pay a lump sum and you have several other numbers with different services. “Only pay attention to the fact that for some operators the data package is shared, ie common for the whole family,” concludes Hekšová.


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