Do you have a broken cell phone screen? These are the reasons why you shouldn’t use it like this

Even if you see that it is something very common, there are serious consequences for using your cell phone in this way. If you want the details, stay in the note.

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He advancement of technology It has given us the scope of smartphones that we can find from relatively low prices, to some with a much higher cost, but despite the fact that these cell phones offer us many more functions than old cell phones these are much more delicate.

To prevent them from being damaged by the fall or ending up breaking, we go to buy a ‘case’ and screen protectors that somehow prevent them from getting hurtHowever, on some occasions, despite the protection we resort to, there is always a risk that the screen will end up cracking.

When this happens, a technician usually goes to do a screen change, but there are some people who, even though their cell phone shows these damages, they continue to use it that way because it does not cause them any difficulty or they simply refuse to send them to be fixed because of the cost that it may mean.

The risks of using your cell phone with a broken screen

If you are one of the people who, no matter how broken your cell phone screen is, does not change it for anything, let us inform you that according to the portal Robotiza.US, specialized in technology, using the smartphone in this way could cause cuts in your fingerprints because of the tiny cracked crystals that gradually break off.

<amp-img class="contentElement__img-amp i-amphtml-layout-responsive i-amphtml-layout-size-defined" alt="Lo adecuado es que lleves tu celular al técnico para que lo arregle. Fuente: Diffusion. ” title=”The appropriate thing is that you take your cell phone to the technician to have it fixed. Fountain: Diffusion. ” src=”×358/libero/original/2023/05/06/645709ee0daad80fc67f059b.webp” width=”652″ height=”358″ layout=”responsive” i-amphtml-layout=”responsive”>The appropriate thing is that you take your cell phone to the technician to fix it. Fountain: Diffusion.

Another of the risks of using a cell phone with a broken screen is damage its inner workings Well, being exposed, it is likely that dust, liquids, among other elements can enter it that ends up completely damaging your mobile.

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