Do you have a Sam’s Club membership? This interests you

Written in MONEY the 13/9/2022 · 09:17 hs

After nine years of maintaining a fixed price for memberships annual, the American chain Sam’s Club announced a price renewal due to high levels of inflation.

The new costs will take effect from October 17 (you still have time to purchase it at the previous value).

Sam’s Club is an American chain of wholesale stores. Unlike other establishments —such as Soriana, for example—, this one operates through a membership to allow access.

“This is the first time we have changed the price of the Superior membership since it was introduced in 1999, and it has been nine years since we last changed the price of our basic membership,” said a letter from the chain to members.

The new membership prices Sam’s Club

  • Basic membership: It will go from $45 to $50 dollars per year (approximately 1,000 Mexican pesos)
  • Superior membership: It will go from $100 to $110 dollars (more than 2,000 Mexican pesos)

Aware of the repercussion that the increase in costs may represent for its clients, the company indicated that it has added new brands and hopes to improve the quality of its own products. In addition, it will invest in technology to improve the shopping experience.

Despite the new increases, its membership is still cheaper than that of Costco($60 basic dollars and $120 gold dollars).

Sam’s Club o Costco Is it worth buying the membership?

Costco and Sam’s Club stores are dedicated to selling wholesale products for high-consumption families and institutional customers. But is it convenient to acquire a membership, which one has the best discounts to offer you? The membership card has a cost and is renewed annually, so, in a nutshell, to be able to buy in these stores you need to pay, since it entitles you to purchase products at “member prices”.

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Being a member of these stores also promotes exclusivity to be able to buy their products, as we mentioned, not everything is good since one of the drawbacks is that, as they need a lot of space to store their items, they are warehouse-type places that they do not invest much in its design.

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