“Do you know what Pata Negra is? Then you can’t put it on pizza “

Crazy Pizza, still controversy. The new chapter of the saga that for days revolves around the pizzeria by Flavio Briatore comes from Roberto Parodi, which targets the entrepreneur from Verzuolo. The writer, journalist and TV presenter (as well as Cristina’s brother) has posted a video on his Instagram profile in which he attacks the black leg pizza from Flavio Briatore.

The lunge on social media

«I find myself forced to express my opinion on ‘this pizza with Pata Negra which has caused a storm of comments: and the cost and the price … How much must a pizza cost … This is not the point. The point is that a pizza with Pata Negra. Not-si-do. It’s not that if a food costs so much I can throw it all over the place. This pizza is the apotheosis of burinata. Rather he says a lot about the audience Briatore is addressing. Zanza obsessed with showing that they are not poor. That they can buy a pizza for 60 euros. But what is it: do you want to be rich with 60 euros? I miss a full tank to Panda do today with 60 euros! Instead, you look like a peasant because if you really knew what Pata Negra is, the last thing you do is put it on the pizza ».

«Jamón Ibérico Pata Negra Bellota black label: a thousand-year history that requires you to taste it with respect and at the right temperature, appreciating the fat with that faint acorn aroma. Very delicate aromas. And you throw it on my pizza ?! I have a suggestion: put some beluga on him, 40 euros. Great figure! But first go to Wikipedia to search for “beluga”. So, eh… ».

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Last updated: Monday 27 June 2022, 12:29


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