“Do you like team spirit and discipline?” : Full card for the defense, prevention and safety at school option

“Are you interested in jobs related to defence, prevention and security? Do you want to prepare for the defense or police entrance exams? Do you like rigor, team spirit and discipline? The aspirant training for defense professions is for you!”. The presentation made by the Athénée Royal Jean Rey in Couvin for its new option opened since last September has already attracted 53 secondary school students. This program combining rigor and perspective for the future and allowing secondary school students to train in jobs related to the army and security (AMDPS) has met with great success throughout Wallonia.

Initiated by Defense and implemented in schools at the start of the 2022/2023 school year, this option aims to inform and prepare fourth, fifth and sixth year students for one of the security professions of the various project partners, i.e. Defense, guards, firefighters, prison officers and police. Through the networks and distributed throughout the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, thirteen different schools took part in the project.

“To be able to open the option, it was already necessary to offer a seventh year AMDPS and to be located near a military base, a fire station and a sports hall. With 53 students enrolled, we are the school with the highest number of enrollments in this area”explains Françoise Collin, director of the establishment.

“It’s a very complete training. Students have hours of lessons for future police officers, prison officers, sailors and soldiers. They have lessons in the history of Belgium, geopolitics, applied physical education, introduction to computers… All the students will have touched on everything when they leave school”, continues the director. The AMDPS option also includes a survival trip to the south of France.

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During their three years of schooling, students are trained to take the selection tests for Defence, fire schools, prison officers and police schools. Once they have graduated, they can also be approved as security guards. Prerequisites are requested from interested students.

“To integrate the training, it is desirable to be in good physical condition, to be organized, structured and rigorous in one’s learning tasks, to have a sense of discipline and hierarchy, to be motivated and to have a sense of responsibility and to demonstrate emotional stability and good resistance to stress”, warns the school.

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