Do you like the Xbox brand? The official Gear Shop clothing store is renewed

If you are a big fan of Xbox, now you can show off their official clothing line as they will ship internationally

The video game division of Microsoft is increasingly popular and the merchandising line is growing little by little, as the official clothing of the brand with Xbox Gear Shop. In our country we could not have direct access to the store, but apparently this is no longer a problem.

Now, James Monosmith, in charge of the section Xbox Official Gear Y Halo Gear, announces the new Xbox clothing collection and a new store model. In order to improve distribution and visibility, the team has worked very hard and presents their new online stores.

In addition, they confirm that international shipments will be made and show us the new look and new equipment for this fall / winter. Clothing from Halo, Gears, Xbox or soon Grounded, mugs, pins, backpacks and other products are now available to everyone, although at prices that are not seen in well-known stores such as Primark.

T-shirts at $ 25, sweatshirts at $ 60 or windbreakers at $ 80, are examples of what it can cost us to dress in the latest Xboxer fashion, but if you are really a fan it may be more affordable than we think since the quality that the products is superior to that found on other types of surfaces.

But the catch is the shipping price, because we are talking about $ 10.15 for standard shipping (6-14 business days) and just over $ 21 for express shipments (2-3 business days). And another thing, is that it is about Xbox Gear Shop, not from the Microsoft Store, so we could not use our Microsoft account balance to pay, but only credit / debit card or Paypal.

And you, what Xbox product would you like to have at home? I love the new black t-shirt and the pink and green striped sweatshirt. For example, the shirt in the image above on the left has a value of $ 25, plus the $ 10 shipping to Spain, the exchange in euros would cost about € 29/30.

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