Do you need extra money in September? Get it with the best accounts and deposits

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September is synonymous with returning to routine. Returning to work and the classroom after the holidays makes many people realize that they have indulged in something too much during the summer or that they need an extra boost to cover the expenses of the last quarter of the year.

“Have a budget organized to know how to manage and control personal finances is essential to be able to save and have a good financial education. Even so, in the market there are several offers for earn extra money, either taking advantage of promotions for becoming a new customer of a bank or for the increase in the profitability of paid accounts y fixed term deposits for just over a year,” point out the experts at the financial comparator HelpMyCash.

For all those who want to profit from their money without losing liquidity, paid accounts are a good option. Currently, there are accounts online They have no commissions and also pay interest on the money deposited.

At HelpMyCash they have created a Top 3 of the best paid accounts and the ranking is headed by Sabadell Online Account, with a profitability of 2.5% APR up to 30,000 euros during the first year. Furthermore, if the payroll, pension or unemployment of at least 700 euros is domiciled, the entity gives away an additional 200 euros. That is to say, You can earn 950 euros in 12 months.

And to face “back to school”, returns 3% of all purchases made with your debit card until October 31.

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