Do you remember Janine and Ronald from Ik Departure? Opening a B & B in corona time was not easy for them, but they have big plans for the future

More on that later. First back to 2019. Ronald and Janine have just bought their B&B. Like you with I leave may expect, not everything runs smoothly. The French house – purchased at a bargain price – has a lot of overdue maintenance. Part of the upper floor appears to be life-threatening due to a rotted floor, the basement is always wet, the roof is leaking in places and woodwork is rotten here and there. The septic tank, which has never been emptied, also gives Ronald a dirty job. “If I had been sharper, I could have seen more things before the purchase,” Ronald admits. Yet he is still angry with the seller who concealed all kinds of defects.

flopped opening

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