Do you remember Raghad Al Wazzan, the star of the Birds of Paradise?

The Syrian girl formedRaghad Al-WazzanWhen she launched her channel ” .”heavens’ Birds“A big sensation at the time, as I presented many songs, including”my teeth wowShe appeared in her own clip alongside Al-Waleed and Al-Mu`tasim Miqdad.
After achieving great fame at a young age, Raghad left “Birds of Paradise” and suddenly disappeared from the media, as she was one of the most important faces overlooking the channel at the time, and what is remarkable is that the public always mentions her and asks about her, and some pages on social networking sites have reported that her age Currently 20 years old and married.
We show you a picture of Raghad Al Wazzan in her youth, wearing the hijab.


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