Do you still trust Google Assistant? – Poll of the week


While we learned this week that Google allows users to listen to your Google Assistant recordings, do you still trust this Google service? Tell us in our survey of the week.

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This week, one news surprised more than one. The Belgian media VRT NWS have revealed that your recordings on Google Assistant can be heard not only by robots, but also by humans.

Information that has been confirmed by Google in the wake. The study explained that the company's linguistic partners listened for 0.2% of the recordings to allow Google Assistant to improve voice recognition. However, if this can already cause problems when listening to certain requests, it can be much more problematic when the recording is activated even when the user has not spoken. "Ok Google".

For Google, listening to these recordings is normal – and has also been stipulated in the terms of use – as it serves to improve the search. The company claims that the escape of this information is actually attributable to the linguist who revealed the information. But what do you think? With this news, do you still trust Google Assistant? Tell us in our survey.


Do you still trust Google Assistant?

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Huawei far ahead of other brands

Last week we asked you what your favorite smartphone brand was. A question that has caused many debates, including deception in favor of a brand. We have indeed seen that the votes have accumulated around a brand for the least surprising.

Be assured, these surveys do not claim to be representative. Their main goal is to take the pulse of our community to find out what interests you most. With all due respect to Wiko, it is doubtful that this is not your favorite brand and that the survey was restored after publication.

Still – with similar cheat risks – Huawei appears to be the smartphone brand of your choice, at 39.5%. The Chinese producer preceded Samsung (14.6%), OnePlus (13.6%) and Xiaomi (10.5%). Behind this leading quartet, other brands are far behind. We find Apple with 5.1% of the votes and the honor with 4.5%. We apologize with Mega Tec for forgetting the Freedom 251, which easily fits into the "Other" category.

Google confirms it, your conversations with the assistant are well listened to


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