Do you want to buy an Autolib? A sale is organized this weekend

Romorantin-Lanthenay, France

The logo has disappeared but it is the old Autolib that are on sale. A flash sale of fifty Bluecar is organized this weekend in a Romorantin garage (Loir-et-Cher). It is in this city, in a former site of Matra, that about 3,000 electric cars of the Bolloré group have been stored since the summer of 2018 and the end of Autolib & # 39;

A part of them will end up in private homes with this first sale organized by the Cavarec garage. The old Autolib are proposed at 3,700 euros. A price that contains the battery and the charger. Other sales should follow but it will be more expensive: 4,500 euros.

Cars sold with bumps and scratches

On a website with the name chosen for the occasion,, the details of the garage not without humor, the qualities of the small car of Bolloré. With an autonomy of 250 km in the city (150 km outside the city), the Bluecar connects to a conventional power outlet.

"Every Bluecar is unique", says the site. "He has his story, his personality". All cars have undergone mechanical repairs, have been cleaned and the body has been removed. but "bumps, scratches, sores on the interior … stay", warns the garage. "Free to customize, pamper and make yours!".

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