Doctoral thesis Stephen Hawking and wheelchair for sale at the online auction


Personal belongings belonging to Stephen Hawking, including his medals and one of his wheelchairs, must be sold at the online auction.

The British physicist, famous for his research on black holes, died in March, at the age of 76.

The auction, hosted by Christie & # 39; s, is titled On the Shoulders of Giants and features 22 items belonging to Hawking and manuscripts by Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein.

Will they also sell personal copies of Hawking's most important cards, such as his 1974 seminal "Black Hole Explosions"; a copy of his bestselling A Brief History of Time, signed with a personal identification; a bomber; and the screenplay of one of his appearances on The Simpsons.

The proceeds from the sale of the wheelchair will go to the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Neuron Motor Diseases Association. Hawking, who has used a wheelchair for much of his life and an electronic vocal synthesizer, has had a motor neuron disease.

One of Stephen Hawking's wheelchairs for sale at an online auction hosted by Christie & # 39; s.

One of Stephen Hawking's wheelchairs for sale at an online auction hosted by Christie & # 39; s. Photograph: Xinhua / Barcroft Images

It is estimated that the jacket gets £ 100, while one of five known copies of Hawking's doctoral thesis is expected to reach £ 150,000.

Lucy Hawking, her daughter, said: "We are very pleased to have Christie's assistance to help us with the important issue of managing the archives of our beloved father and his unique and precious collection. of personal and professional objects, which tells about his life and his work. "

He said he hoped to donate the rest of the scientific archive of his father and his property to the nation through the accepted acceptance scheme, where articles of national, historical, artistic and scientific interest can be transferred to public property to pay taxes on successions.

Thomas Venning, head of Christie's books and manuscripts department in London, said: "It was a huge privilege for Christie's to work on this selection of items coming from the estate of one of the brightest minds in the world." ; last half century The lots selected for sale highlight the remarkable results achieved by Professor Hawking in science, alongside his unique personality and his inspiring life story. "



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