Doctors have pushed diabetics to eat beans

Doctors have pushed diabetics to eat beansScientists have called TOP-5 products for diabetics.

A list of "extremely useful", as is clear from the comments of the experts, the product is expressed for people with diabetes.

This writes the Chronicle Info with reference to 24apteka.

The scientists said: the products on this list should be included in the daily diet of patients with diabetes.

avocado. The use of avocados, according to experts, helps reduce glucose levels due to the presence in it of a substance such as the monosaccharide of mannoeptulose. Doctors advise diabetics to supplement their diet with this fruit at least twice a week.

Nuts. They contain a lot of manganese and zinc, which helps reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, a large amount of fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium and vitamin D contained in walnuts helps combat its excess in diabetics.

Whole grain bread. Integral products that contain no yeast and sugar help clean blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, which in turn normalize blood sugar levels.

Pumpkin seeds Because of the high levels of magnesium and omega 3 in the composition of pumpkin seeds, their use activates the excretion of harmful cholesterol and therefore helps reduce blood sugar.

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beans. pulse An excellent natural source of fiber and antioxidants that improve blood conditions and activate fat metabolism. For the well-being of people with diabetes, these two properties are crucial.

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