Doctors in Slovakia withdraw their resignations. They agreed on salaries as they have in the Czech Republic

The salaries of Slovak doctors should reach the level of doctors in the Czech Republic. “The crisis is over, we are not expecting a hospital collapse and the patient need not worry,” said Prime Minister Eduard Heger.

Doctors’ salaries will increase from the beginning of next year, and the next increase will take place in 2025. “The biggest problem of the Slovak healthcare system is the lack of personnel, and I believe that we just started to solve this problem today,” said Peter Visolajský, head of medical unions, after a meeting with government officials.

At Thursday’s summit of the heads of government of the Visegrad Four in Košice, Heger asked the other prime ministers for help in the health sector if the doctors leave the hospitals. The prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary promised help.

In 2011, mass dismissals of 1,200 doctors paralyzed the operation of a number of Slovak hospitals, which were also helped to provide at least acute care by Czech military doctors. The then government partially complied with the salary demands of the disgruntled doctors.

Under the threat of a massive exodus of doctors, Slovakia is asking its neighbors for help. Shame, say the unions


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