Doctors shake with photos of blood from the operating room

These images require strong nerves! Several US doctors are currently posting photos on Twitter, some of which are damn at work. But why?

Under the hashtag #thisiseveryoneslane, doctors respond to a Twitter from the National Rifle Association (NRA). The gun lobbyists have previously criticized them in a tweet demanding the ban on weapons.

"Someone should tell those good anti-gun doctors who should be on the right track, half of Annals of Internal Medicine's articles are for arms control, and it's disturbing that the doctors have questioned themselves."

To show how their daily lives are in hospitals and medical facilities, many doctors have posted photos from operating rooms, fighting for the lives of people injured by gunfire.

"That's what it looks like when I'm in my tracks," Dr. Kristin Gee at a photo. "We will not stand still on the subject of armed violence, I say that for this patient, his parents, who will never be the same, and I will speak for all the victims who will come".

Pathologist Dr. Judy Melinek asked in the direction of the NRA: "Do you have any idea how many bullets I receive from cadavers every week? This is not my track, this is my highway."

Numerous other doctors are on agreement and have also spoken. Here are some examples:

And the NRA? So far he has not commented on the tweets.

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