Doctors warn of the dangers of tramadol after the death of Mostafa El Hefnawi

YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi died yesterday, after a 5-day struggle with illness, after suffering a sudden stroke, then he fell into a coma and was transferred to the hospital.

Al-Hafnawi dies of tramadol

The medical report issued by the treatment hospital for “Hafnawi” revealed that the patient arrived at the hospital in an emergency condition and suffers from severe abdominal pain, and was transferred to the hospital, while the vital signs were stable and after the necessary checks were made it was found that the patient was taking tramadol, and that he is an athlete. Take cortisone and other drugs

Al-Hefnawi’s death

A question was asked about the effect of tramadol on the brain and whether it causes a stroke or not. Dr. Yasar Abdullah, professor of neurosurgery, answered him saying: Taking two strips of tramadol causes epilepsy.

“Yasir” explained that it had never happened before that a tramadol user had a stroke, but taking tramadol in large doses, such as one or two strips, causes epilepsy, but this does not exclude the presence of side effects, but all of this has not been proven. In medical books or in the cases mentioned. As the effect of drugs varies from one organism to another, according to the state of health and the history of the disease.

Tramadol harms

The professor of neurosurgery added that tramadol causes damage to brain cells, damage to the nerves themselves, loss of control over behavior, and impaired concentration. Tramadol can depress the central nervous system and may cause death, but it has not been proven that tramadol causes clots in the brain, and that this also depends on the medications being taken.

The professor of neurosurgery, Mostafa El-Fouly, agreed on the same matter, and explained that tramadol could be a cause of indirect brain injury, but there is no confirmed case that the possibility of a person suffering a stroke directly from taking it. Tramadol, it also depends on the drugs that it is manufactured. When taken with it, some medicines can cause the blood to become more viscous, causing clots to form.

Causes of brain clots include arteriosclerosis, diabetes, pressure, increased blood viscosity, increased red blood cells, increased arterial congestion in the brain, and the abuse of tramadol, in addition to the above, it is sufficient to completely destroy the body and nerves in particular, which leads to fatal strokes.

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