“Documents” about some of the leaders of the believers – 4 –

Muslima bin Abdul Malik said to Hisham bin Abdul Malik, How do you covet the caliphate when you are miserly and you are a coward? He replied: Because I am gentle and chaste.
As Ibn al-Dahhak al-Fihri said to Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, before he became king, when he was a young boy: O Ibn al-Khalifa, why did you grow your hair and shirt? He said: I hate to be, as the poet said: “Short shirt is obscene at his house… and the evil of plants in Quraysh is a vehicle.”
A Bedouin had previously argued with Hisham, and Hisham said: Are you arguing with me while I am the Caliph? The man said: God Almighty says: “On the day every soul will come to argue for itself,” we will argue with God and not argue with you (!!), So Hisham remained silent and did not give an answer.
A Bedouin attended the meal of Hisham bin Abdul-Malik, and while he was eating, a hair got stuck in the bedouin’s morsel. Hisham said to him: You have a hair in your mouth, O Bedouin! He said: You will notice me when someone sees a hair in my mouth! By God, I never ate with you! And he came out saying: “And death is better than visiting a miser… He will notice the tips of the sack intentionally.”
Urwa bin Uthaina came to Hisham bin Abdul Malik, and he complained to him about his poverty, so he said: Are you not the one who said:
I have learned and what extravagance is from my character
That which is my livelihood will come to me
I seek it, and I seek it
And if I sat down, he would not help me
He said: O Commander of the Faithful, I preached and I informed, and he went out and rode his she-camel and walked back to the Hijaz, and when it was night, Hisham slept on his bed, so he remembered a buttonhole, and said: A man from the Quraysh said wisdom, and he came to Ali, and I returned him disappointed. He was in Medina, so he gave him the money, so he said: Send peace to the Commander of the Faithful, and say to him: How did you see what I said?
I wish I had my luck, Mishaal, like the luck of a buttonhole. I wait in my house with no work or concern for me, except to sit with a man on top of another, until my livelihood comes to me “cold and chilled.”
The princes of the believers throughout history and until (it is blown with pictures), they have what they have, and they also have what they owe, do you know why?! Because they are human beings who love and may hate, believe and may lie, and cling to life to the last breath, but death never forgets them, as it is always standing by them and others on the lookout. ) like that.

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