Doda boasts about her belly. The fans are divided

Doda loves to show off her figure. It is known for a long time that the star attaches great importance to appearance and a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise in the gym is effective, but that’s not all an artist has to do to look like a Greek goddess.

Doda also writes about diet very often. The singer looks after the calories and cares about the nutritional value of the food consumed. In the latest post, she praised that the day starts with a vegetable smoothie. The most important ingredient in this mixture is … beetroot.

The entry was accompanied by a photo showing a perfectly muscular belly.

The post was flooded with positive comments. It is hardly surprising, after all, the star’s belly looks perfect. Most of the Internet users praise Doda for her persistence and consequences in her lifestyle. But there are also opinions that she exaggerated.

I do not like. Exaggeration.

In my opinion, it doesn’t look good anymore.

What is your opinion?

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