Doda liked to sea. The singer praised photos in a bikini in the snow. It’s cold just looking

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Stars in the era COVID-19 they are looking for different solutions to strengthen immunity. Some of them place their hopes on comprehensive supplementation, e.g. with zinc and various types of supplements. Others, such as Joanna Moro, Beata Sadowska if Sonia Bohosiewicz they choose sea. The same was the case Dodawho posted photos of ice-water swimming practices on social media. I must admit that her figure looks great after taking a bath.

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He will add honestly about Daria. He has some advice for the singer

Too short chest, protruding gums and too large ears. These are the star complexes

Will add in a swimsuit. She showed an athletic figure

The singer is not afraid to show her charms, which she has proven many times in stage creations or taking part in industry events. This time, the star decided to take a bath in cold water to cleanse the body and mind. It cannot be denied that the photo of the star posing in the icy water is quite extreme, but the relaxed face may indicate that the singer has felt the endorphins flowing from this form of gaining immunity and is feeling better.

In the photo She will add presented herself in a pink swimsuit and a warm hat and gloves, which are very important attributes in the case of nailingbecause they protect against frostbite. She posed daringly over the water reservoir with a huge hammer. The star described the photos added on InstaStories with the words:

He will add health, he will add. This attribute should help you guess my middle name … – she wrote under the photo.

Fans competed with ideas for Doda’s middle name. They wrote:




However, they did not receive a reply. The artist also put a photo in ice water.

The fans did not hide that they felt encouraged to use goodness winters. They stated:

Even those who open the refrigerator and are already cold can dare.

You motivated me – I’m back to sea!

What do you think about sea? Is this in your opinion a good method to improve immunity?

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